Sexplosion – Climax Cream

//Sexplosion – Climax Cream

Sexplosion – Climax Cream


A beefed up, compact version of Hot Passion, to add volume to your love making, especially when applied to certain acupuncture spots.



“Incredible Sexual Climax Maximizer”

A stronger variant of “Hot Passion”, Sexplosion is designed to help you achieve all of the pleasures that you seek from love making.

Anoint each others bodies in the same manner as the hot passion diagram indicates and in doing so, enjoy the mutual intensity of sensual and intimate touch.

Global Distributors Wanted – This product is extremely popular in Australia and is sold throughout the country in retail outlets. More distributors are wanted globally, please click here if you are interested in distributing the Sexplosion Climax Cream in your country or locality.

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