Strawberries. More than a juicy fruit

//Strawberries. More than a juicy fruit

Strawberries. More than a juicy fruit

As you would have discovered every product comes with a description and explanation as to why that product works so well.

We constantly gather information about the ingredients we use and have found that modern day science is continually supplying us with even more reasons why natural is best and why our products work so well.

When it comes to strawberries the English botanist and herbalist Nicolas Culpeper wrote in the 16th century how beneficial strawberry juice was in resolving unsightly skin blemishes and that it cleans the skin like nothing else can.

Strawberries are rich in vitamin P, the bioflavonoids rutin and hesperidin and vitamin C. In fact one serving per day supplies half of your daily Vitamin C 100mg requirements. These nutrients applied topically help to encourage on site repair of damaged miniscule blood vessels.

But there is more. In a study published in the Journals of Gerontology by researchers at the Salk Neurobiology Laboratory discovered that strawberries flavonoid Fisetin can reduce inflammation and cognitive decline related to ageing in a mouse model.

Mice who did not receive Fisetin showed increased markers of inflammation and stress as well as difficulties on the cognitive tests. Those that did receive the bioflavonoid did not show any age related decline both physically and cognitively.

Earlier studies also demonstrated Fisetin beneficial for diabetic neuropathy and liver damage.


It was not by accident that we choose to make Strawberries and Cream Skin treatment as we only want the best for consumers.

Having said that Fisetin can also be found in other fruits such as apples, grapes, kiwis, mangoes, persimmons and tomatoes, it can also be sourced from vegetables such as cucumbers and onions, strawberries however have by far the highest concentration of it.

Therefore consider having strawberries as part of your diet on a weekly basis and make certain you purchase good quality berries. The health benefits include, boosting your immune system, keeping your eyes healthy thanks to the fact that the antioxidants in strawberries may help prevent cataracts, its vitamin C content contributes to strengthening the cornea and retina.

In addition to vitamin C strawberries contain the phytochemical ellagic acid which has been shown to ward off free radicals and neutralize their potentially negative effects to healthy cells.

People who eat a healthy diet full of fruit, vegetables and strawberries tend to have younger more resilient skin thanks to the vitamin C which helps to improve and maintain the production of collagen.

Lastly ellagic acid and the flavonoids can benefit the heart system by reducing oxidative damage and lowering blood lipids.

So as you can read strawberries are more than just a sweet desert



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