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Real product reviews from real customers, who have discovered the complete Natural Secrets range.

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Over the last 20 years we have received an amazing amount of feedback from users who have had a wide range of different experiences and results from our health and beauty products. We found the letters we received extremely interesting and have published some of these below.

We are always keen to learn of new experiences with our products so please use our customer feedback form to let us know your story. All your feedback is very much appreciated.

A.B. Manager of Chem – Ware Products Western Australia

I have listed below reports of treatments and effectiveness of the ‘HEALFAS NMF CREAM’, which I hope will be of assistance to you.


  1. Illsley’s Pharmacy of Subiaco had a customer, who is by trade a bricklayer, who had very bad cracked and bleeding hands and within two weeks they had fully healed.
  2. A young girl, who is about eight years of age, had skin grafts taken from her upper legs in Princess Margaret Hospital. Her underlying skin was bleeding and very sore, but it healed so quickly with Healfas Cream that the Head Physio of Burns on the Princess Margaret Ward, Jill Bishop, was astounded and asked for samples to try in the Burns Ward.
  3. We have had general reports on how effective it is in healing ‘Cold Sores’ and dry cracked lips. I have proven how marvelous it is on cold sores myself.
  4. This cream was used on a young boy who had a knee abrasion, and in three days the knee had half covered with new skin.
  5. Sandstorm Nursing Home at Mount Lawley has used the cream on a elderly patient who was suffering from Diabetic ulcers which successfully cleared it up.

P. Dawe – Rumbles Ltd (Wholesalers) Western Australia (1985)

Just a few lines to inform you on market reaction and my own personal results on HEALFAS. As I said to your wife last week I would like a quid for every jar of HEALFAS I have sold. The response has been incredible.

With around 20,000 lines of different products to sell in our warehouse it’s not often that you come across such a product as HEALFAS with such market approval.

At retail sales level word of mouth has been the best form of advertising. The success stories told by the clients to the Pharmacists were incredible to say the least.

Personally my family and friends have had a remarkable success with the stuff. Some of our uses have been:

  1. Dry skin problems (especially babies)
  2. Burns and scolds.
  3. Chaffing
  4. Rashes – a friend of a friend has had a rash on her arm for years. HEALFAS cleared it up in two weeks.
  5. Cuts and scratches – I ripped my hand on some barbed wire, applied HEALFAS, 6 days later scars were as good as gone. Everytime my kids fall of their bikes they go straight to the fridge and apply HEALFAS.
  6. Dermatitis – upsetting doctors as they are losing lifelong customers.
  7. Fly blown sheep – one of my sheeps were badly fly blown so I crutched the sheep, apply fly strike powder, washed the wounds and applied HEALFAS, ten days later I had that sheep in the Saleyard and no one spotted it had been fly blown. The skin had healed so well.

HEALFAS NMF would have to be the handiest jar of ointment we and thousand of other Western Australians have in the house. I hope your hair restorer cream works as well. (I’ll have the first bucket full.)

(name withheld) Bunbury WA

The recent article on psoriasis (WD, March 24), was of great interest to me as I suffered from it for almost 12 months and it affected my nails and hands terribly. I consulted doctors and a skin specialist, and was prescribed several creams with only one helping slightly. My job involves dealing with the public so the embarrassment was dreadful. After reading about a new handcream, I decided to try yet another one. Well, after three days the psoriasis had completely gone and it is now six months since I started and there’s been no sign of it returning. The cream is Healfas NMF, costs around $6 and can be purchased from the chemist.

M.H. – Nurse WA

I invested in some HEALFAS NMF Cream and found it extremely successful in the healing of crayfish poisoning, which comes from the sharp spikes of the crayfish, causing itchiness, redness, swelling and when the skin is constantly wet while on the boat, becomes an infected discharging sore.

With HEALFAS NMF being used before and after work and keeping the wound covered, the reduction of the infection was astounding in two days and within three to four days the would was well on the way to being healed.

M.B. – Waroona WA

We have found your ointment to be fantastic, what an invention. My hands have never been so good in 20 years. Words cannot explain what I really think of your ointment.

T.D. – Yanchep WA

I would like to say how much I am indebted to you because of the product ‘HEALFAS’ that I purchased from your pharmacy, I t was invaluable in curing a recurring dry flaky patch I had on my lip and also midgie bites on my wife’s legs and as an after-shave lotion is saves me numerous blades.

I have recommended ‘HEALFAS’ to many of my friends who have been astonished and delighted with the results.

I congratulate you on a wonderful product.

K.R. – WA

As a consequence of living in the tropics for many years, I developed a skin cancer on the back on my hand. This had been treated in various ways over the last year or more. Treatment quite unsuccessful, the area increased and developed a hard crusty surface, it appeared the only cure would be excision.

Two weeks ago I commenced treatment applying HEALFAS NMF twice daily, with amazing results. The crusty surface has disappeared and the skin now smooth and apparently healed. Also there appears to be no ill effects on exposure to the sun rays.

DR B.Bradshaw -Landsale W.A.

For years I have been trying many creams and ointments to find one that gives me the quickest and best results.None have been spectacular until I tried the Crème D’Universale that you produce.

It heals the delicate facial skin of the chemical face peels very quickly and the patients do not experience the dryness nor itchiness that has characterised the recovery phase.

The scars of a surgical face lift or blepharoplasty also heal much quicker using this cream post operatively.

Success in other areas include two patients with hormonal problems who have had dry, thick cracking skin of the hands and fingers which several dermatologists have failed to cure.

J.Taylor – Senior Beauty Therapist. Harley Medical Group. Sydney N.S.W.

Sorbolene and glycerine cream used on day seven post peel was not hydrating enough.Crème D”Universale has solved this problem.Besides moisturising it appears to accelerate the healing process leaving the skin very smooth.WE have also used it on a very rough dermatitis of the hands.The lady used the product as often as she could,soon her hands began to soften and heal no doubt due to the food content of the product.We also gave the product to a chronic nail biter.This left her cuticles red,swollen and bleeding.She applied the cream often throughout the day and within a couple of weeks we noticed an excellent improvement.

F.Brazier – Two Rocks W.A.

I suffer with “diabetic ulcer” wounds that always come when I bump myself,or get bitten by insects.I usually have to have these treated with antibiotics and antibiotic creams.Sometimes they don’t work.I recently used you Crème D”Universale and am very please to report that although very sceptical to start with,the sores cleared up very quickly.Thank you very much.

P.Forrest – VIC.

Ovaderm skin cream is fantastic.It has strengthened the once tissue thin skin on my husbands legs.He had cellulitis on both legs and they had stopped weeping but were on the verge of breaking up at any stage.I rub the Ovaderm on his legs every morning befor he gets up.My daughter works in the snow on Mount Buller every winter and in the snow as a ski instructor at Beaver Creek

Colorado USA during November to April.Her skin was very dry and ageing;your Ovaderm has rejuvenated her skin.I use it on my face and it has helped we.We have heaters going in the house all winter,one oil with a fan and a kent heater on wood with a fan.They tend to dehydrate my skin and it felt dried out.Now my face feels terrific and I have lost some wrinkles.I hope to lose some more.A terrific product,many thanks.

G.Butler – Hurstville VIC.

A short note to say that I am absolutely thrilled with the Ovaderm Skin Cream.My hands break open in splits from time to time.I applied the Ovaderm to a deep spilt as soon as my parcel arrived.To my amazement it closed up within 2 days and healed completely within 4 days.I had the same results with my dried out and badly cracked feet.I am also very pleased with the Champagne toner and the Strawberries n Cream.

A.M. – Niteroi Brazil

Dear Maurice. My girlfriend thanks you for producing the only effective cellulite cream that she has used. Keep up the good work.

Lost 50 Pounds

B Rosetti CA USA

I have been using your products for two years now.Nothing at all available like these in the USA.Honest,reasonably priced and most

Important totally rejuvenating.

DR Pervan W.A.

For over ten years I have recommended Healfas Cream to many patients for skin conditions such as cold sores,nappy rash,sunburn and eczema.Results have been most favourable for all these conditions .For about eighteen months I have been personally using and reccmmending Ovaderm Aromatic Hair cream with considerable success,for both male and female patients.Of twenty patients using the cream,hair loss has ceased in all patients and hair strands have improved in strength and lustre.Thirteen patients including myself have grown new hair which is growing as strong as surronding existing hair.All of us have commented on an increased rate of hair growth requiring the need for more frequent haircuts!This product has a great future.

In the last six months,I have also had the opportunity to recommend another product,Requiem Cellulite Crème for the purpose of toning obese areas of the body in eight over weight patients.In all cases cream application has resulted in reduction of subcutaneous fat layers with excellent toning and “youthenising” of the skin to which the cream was applied.I feel this cream has tremendous future potential.

Six patients over the last six months have had the opportunity to try the Lady Rosa Skin Nourishing Cream.All patients have had a reduction of skin wrinkling with retoning of the epidermal layers.

Over the last three months I have conducted a trial on ten patients,involving seven men and three women aged 45 to 60 to evaluate

Hot Passion.In all patients except one ,there was an increased improvement in sexual performance and fulfilment.

The nine patients all experienced a significant increase in the intensity of orgasm and ibido leading to an increased frequency of intercourse.This cream was applied by patients to specific acupuncture points aimed to increase libido and reduce impotence.Spouses helped to rub on the cream and this also improved the “sexual setting” Of the seven males,six showed an improvement in intensity of penile rigidity and duration of erection during and after intercourse.

All of these products employ non toxic herbs and essential oils and are less likely to produce allergies and unwanted side effects with prolonged usage compared to chemically based creams which can only be used for limited periods.

J Bradbury – Bridport Tas.

I am very pleased with the results of using Ovaderm Hair Cream.There seems to be a thickening of hair in the thinning areas.When

I part my hair the line down the scalp seems thinner.

Amanda Jenkins Karawarra W.A.

I have been your hair formula for four months now and I can definitely feel and see a great improvement in the overall texture,thickness and shine on the hair.Also my scalp is in better condition as my hair is no longer coming out.

I work as a hairdresser and have seen many products and tried them over the years,but none have had the same results.I have found that my fathers hair is looking much healthier since he has been using it And hair loss has stopped.