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At Czarniak Pharmaceuticals, we have long researched the reasons for such pleasing signs of good health. The key factors revolve directly around good nutrition, exercise, and keeping stress levels low. In terms of people’s outward beauty it translates into keeping the health and vivacity of the skin at its very best by applying the same principles.

Extensive studies have been undertaken into the cosmetic secrets of both ancient and modern cultures. These culminated in the discovery of hitherto unknown material about the fabulous Egyptian Queen of the Nile – Cleopatra* herself – and her royal beautifying treatments. (*68 – 30 BCE Queen of Egypt daughter of Ptolemy Auletes )

The information contained in/on any product brochure/label/web page does not in any way suggest that any product is in any way therapeutic in any sense of the word.

Each product is totally cosmetic in its makeup, formulation, presentation and application. Further, each product is a new product in every sense of the word and as such is totally original.

The information contained about ingestible food makes reference only to its constituent makeup and its natural role in all living organisms. It’s inclusion in the product range is for purely cosmetic and nutritional purposes and does not imply any action further than that.

The definition of cosmetic purpose being the protection, maintenance, preservation and promotion of beauty and its appearance.