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Extra Ordinary Moisturizer

Culpepper writes that strawberry juice frees the skin of all unsightly blemishes and that it cleans like nothing else can.
Strawberries are more then just for eating. The famous English herbalist Nicholas Culpepper wrote that strawberry juice frees the skin of all unsightly blemishes and it cleans like nothing else.

Strawberries are rich in vitamin P, the bioflavonoids, rutin and hesperidin. These nutrients are able to affect the on-site repair work to damaged miniscule blood vessels, as a result skin discolourations eventually disappear. Strawberry juice is also believed to be useful in de-activating both the polio and herpes virus. It makes sense that strawberries in the diet are an excellent cold/flu preventative treatment.

The Journal of Food Science(Vol 41:1013 1976) advises that strawberries juice taken internally helps to elminate toxic accumulations in the blood and is benefical in the treatmnet of acne, blackheads and rough unhealthy skin. Many cultures use mashed strawberries mixed with cold cream or yoghurt in equal parts as an effective sunburn treatment. In fact our Strawberries n Ceam is twice as effective on burns as the original Healfas NMF.

Needless to say we have an extraordinary and versatile product in Strawberries n Cream. Use it as a skin clarifier, skin enhancer, daily mask or moisturiser with a difference, or use it as a night cream or after a shower when your skin is moist as it travels further.