Lady Rosa’s Nourishing Cream

//Lady Rosa’s Nourishing Cream

Lady Rosa’s Nourishing Cream


In years gone by cosmeticians understood the importance of cholesterol in keeping skin youthful and free of disease.

  • Lady Rosa’s is a step back in time, employing this approach plus all things rose for added effect.
  • A fine example of replacement beauty therapy.


Beauty Restored

Early last century during the Great Depression, a forward thinking Lady Rosa recognised the need for women to maintain their outward beauty during conditions of poor nutrition and stress. She embarked upon producing a nourishing cream that would overcome these difficulties. She felt that if a woman saw that her beauty was restored it would give hope and with such hope great things could be achieved. Life would seem better, happier, confidence restored, it would enable a woman to carry on and reverse adverse conditions and in doing so further prevent stress and illness

Lady Rosa set about thinking simply, formulating and producing small batches of different innovative beauty creams until one stood out from the rest and it seemed had the capacity of restoring and preserving a woman’s natural beauty. This precious nourishing cream imparted a healthy glow upon the skin, firmed dermal tissue, helped to reduce the intensity of dry wrinkled skin, retuned creepy tissue and left behind a smooth protective film. All of these results were observed with the diligent use of the product.

Young ladies responded the quickest whilst the more mature lady took a little longer. These results reflect the importance of using cholesterol, essential amino acids, rosehip oil and genuine rose oil in the formulation and the profound synergistic effect they have on skin physiology.

A formula from yesteryear certainly worth trying.

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