Lemon & Olive Oil Cleanser

//Lemon & Olive Oil Cleanser

Lemon & Olive Oil Cleanser


Nothing cleanses and lightens skin more than whole lemon.

  • Added olive oil to soften and deep clean.
  • Plus lemon peel oil for added freshness.


The Ultimate Purifier

Many of the best soaps were made from Virgin oil – for these soaps did more than clean, they also softened the skin – unlike the harsh detergents of today.

When we at Naturalsecrets.com were asked to make a skin cleanser we had to put our thinking caps on because the product had to fit in with our philosophy of nourishing the skin. Once again we turned our attention to what the women of Europe used and strangely enough one answer came from an Italian car mechanic who used olive oil on his greasy, oily hands before washing with soap and water. It seems there is nothing better than olive oil for degreasing the skin plus if it is used repeatedly it revives tired sagging skin.

The other clue came from a local fruit and vegetable seller. When asked how she managed to stay and look so slim and radiant she confessed that besides having more than an adequate intake of the fresh produce that she sold, her nightly beauty regime was to wash her face with freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Naturalsecrets.com Lemon and Olive Oil Cleanser marries the best of these two worlds but with a difference, we use all of the lemon not just the juice and the reasons why are listed below.

The lemon peel contains five to ten times more vitamins, nutrients and far more health benefits than the juice alone. Its citrus bioflavanoids reduce oxidative stress and eradicate toxins, they also help to prevent wrinkles, acne, reduce pigmentation and dark spots and they help to strengthen capillaries.

This complete cleanser gently and deeply cleanses, lightens and brightens the skin, stimulates new skin growth so as to increase its clarity, glow and softness.

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