Ovaderm Aromatic Hair Loss Cream

//Ovaderm Aromatic Hair Loss Cream

Ovaderm Aromatic Hair Loss Cream


Based on Creme D’Universale, which brings forth the best of added ingredients, in this case essential oils and herbs historically known to keep hair growing

  • Supplies all of your scalp and hair needs for health and growth naturally
  • Provides complete topical nourishment in a variety of ways.
  • Essential oils to stimulate, herbal extracts for conditioning and amino acids for strength.


True Hope for Hair Loss Sufferers

Out of the genuine desire to help those who suffered with Alopecia Totalis, a better understanding of the phenomenon of balding was obtained. Out of this extensive research came OvaDerm Hair Cream which now offers true hope and help to those who otherwise are left to suffer a life of misery.

In order to develop this understanding it was necessary to step as far back as possible and view from a distance.

The starting point was a product developed in 1984, Healfas NMF (Now sold Creme d’ Universale), an amino acid-vitamin complex, that had many applications in dermal problems. A product that persistantly teased and tormented its inventor, a product that produced a spectrum of results, that included the reversal of balding in women and animals (dogs, cats, sheep and horses) whereas in men the results were inconsistent but still encouraging.

Many questions need answering. The physiology of hair growth needed to be researched, properly understood, and divorced from popular misconceptions especially those promoted by commercial hair product manufacturers and so called experts.

The final formulation was tested on a free of charge basis on willing volunteers.

If you suffer from Hair Loss, OvaDerm Hair Cream could be the treatment that you are looking for!

The multifaceted approach taken by the product incorporates the idea, that the stress endured by the individual that results in the selective restriction of essential nutrients necessary for normal hair growth can be overcome by topical application in a formulation that possesses the ability to transport these through the skin and not merely sit on top. This carrier mechanism is available in OvaDerm Hair Cream.

The formulation contains the essential amino acids specifically required for hair shaft growth, cholesterol as it is a precursor to hormone formation, and a relationship exists between low skin cholesterol concentration and balding. Cholesterol is vitally important in all cell membranes and basement membranes, ensuring proper and continued cellular processes. Without adequate cholesterol these functions may become severely impaired.

In male pattern baldness, the bald areas have a particularly high level of testosterone metabolism, cholesterol being a precursor to this hormone has been seen to have a beneficial influence in reducing the rate of balding.

Twenty herbs are also used in this formulation. The herbs chosen have a history of promoting healthy hair growth, preventing the shedding of hair, restoring hair on balding areas and possessing a nervine quality. This last property is very important, for although a hair follicle is richly innervated, the nerve supply is more than sensory in nature. As we know, most tissues in the human body require a nerve supply to exist and perform.

These herbs then promote healthy nerve life. This then explains why even on a bald area of the scalp, solitary hairs grow in a seemingly random fashion.

It is our conclusion that baldness occurs as a result of random selective nervous dysfunction brought about by any form of stress. We further conclude that the area of balding is liked to some other part of the human physiology and therefore reflects that area undergoing stress, and that the hair either recovers once the stress is removed, or does not because the body has sacrificed that area of hair for its survival.

The distribution and quantity of scalp hair then, like the lines on one’s hand, or the eye, becomes a history of the trauma of one’s life.

We have seen children as young as two years of age demonstrate balding in patches. The reason for this occurrence in one child was “mummy and daddy are getting a divorce!”

We have seen people with hair loss greater on one side of the scalp than the other and develop cancer on the same side as the greater hair loss.

During a period of two years Ovaderm Hair Cream was given to both men and women of all ages and hair state, to determine the effectiveness of the product. The results were subjective in nature, as it is impossible to perform any measurements due to the enormous variation that occurs in hair within the same individual.

The subject results were as follows:

  1. Ovaderm Hair Cream application on a daily basis produced the fastest results.
  2. Ovaderm Hair Cream application on a twice weekly basis produced good results.
  3. The rate of hair fallout was minimized and approached zero in the majority of applicants. This effect was continued even if the product was not used for 2 months or longer.
  4. Existing hair grew 2 to 3 times thicker and faster, a lustrous sheen developed.
  5. The hair tended to grow out darker in color and gray hair growth was minimized.
  6. Evidence of new hair growth was evident in women after 6-8 weeks. In men this often took 4-5 months. The type of hair grew was terminal, preceded in many cases by vellus. However, other cases, vellus and terminal appeared simultaneously.In men with male pattern baldness, the hair grew from the edges towards the center of the bald area.
  7. In one individual, there was evidence of follicular multiplication after 4 months in transplanted follicles.
  8. In many individuals suffering with a recurring anxiety/stress/shock syndrome, which manifests itself as loss of hair in random patches on the scalp. Application of Ovaderm Hair Cream encouraged the lost hair to recover and the next episode of stress did not precipitate loss of the recovered hair. Protection was seen. What was also noted was that if Ovaderm Hair Cream was applied immediately after or shortly after the stress episode, the hair recovered sooner. If the application was made some time after, then the recovery took longer. It then appears that the rule is: time taken to loose the hair is related to time taken for hair to recover; in a direct proportion so that if hair loss was over a long period of time then it will take a relatively long period of time to recover and vice versa. The time taken to recover, because it is based upon subjective observation then becomes dependent upon the recognition of new recovered hair of an appreciable length in women because the hair grows faster, results are seen relatively quickly, in men this of course takes longer. The time taken then is dependent upon stimulation of follicular growth, and emergence of the hair shaft of identifiable length. Very often this needs to be 50 to 100mm.
  9. It is concluded that once the hair recovers depending upon there may be a need to use OvaDerm Hair Cream on a monthly basis, as a maintenance or preventative.



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