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Instant Response


Prolonged skin tightening, naturally, is best achieved by using modified albumen in combination with vitamin C to strengthen collagen and elastin.

Instant response is a fine example of this.

  • Over time and use, it may provide longer lasting, younger looking skin with fewer wrinkles.


Skin Tightener Extraordinaire

When it comes to skin tightening it is best to avoid the modified superglues and other chemicals that are freely available on the market.
Egg albumen has always been one of the best natural approaches used for centuries especially by the women of Europe.

Combine it with Vitamin C to strengthen collagen and elastin add lemon oil and you have a product that not only tightens your skin for up to four hours but with daily use can lead to younger looking skin with an improved texture and less likelihood to sag and wrinkle.

Simply apply Instant Response after washing the skin, it will form a white mask that soaks in after three or four minutes, rub in any remaining white patches. Use it on that special night out when you wish to impress

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