Hot Passion Orgasm Cream

//Hot Passion Orgasm Cream

Hot Passion Orgasm Cream


Based on Creme D’Universale, which brings forth the best of any added ingredients, in this case a blend of essential oils that when applied to specific acupuncture points heightens the sexual response.

  • Designed to break down barriers and enhance relationships.
  • Heightens the senses during intimate encounters leading to enhanced enjoyment.


“The Ultimate Aphrodisiac for Men & Women”

This Natural Secret is an Erotic Night Cream that enhances Sexual Orgasm, plus it also raises Libido and helps with Impotence. This very effective natural product acts as both a powerful female aphrodisiac and male aphrodisiac.

This is one product we didn’t set out to invent; it all happened by accident and as you by now may be well aware, Natural Secrets products invariably have more than one application.

Following the release of the cellulite cream, we received an avalanche of calls and emails from women wanting to know what we put in the product, because after they used it they constantly thought about love making and demanded it from their husbands or boyfriends.

Essential oils are complex in their makeup and very often have more than one application, and so it was that we discovered that several of the oils we used had anti-depressant and aphrodisiac actions, but more importantly because the women were applying the cellulite cream to the inside of their thighs they were in essence stimulating the acupuncture points relating to kidney function which in turn raised their libido. There was no doubt that these women as a consequence experienced much pleasure and we decided to fine tune this phenomenon and create a product that would enhance all aspects of love making in both sexes.

After twelve months of investigation and fine tuning, Hot Passion was born, but did it have the OMG factor that we were searching for?

The following Doctor’s report says it all:

For over ten years I have recommended Healfas cream to many patients for skin conditions such as cold sores, nappy rash, sunburn and eczema. Results have been most favourable for all these conditions. For about eighteen months I have been personally using and recommending Ovaderm Aromatic Hair cream with considerable success, for both male and female patients. Of twenty patients using the cream, hair loss has ceased in all patients and hair strands have improved in strength and lustre. Thirteen patients including myself have grown new hair which is growing as strong as surrounding existing hair. All of us have commented on an increased rate of hair growth requiring the need for more frequent haircuts! This product has a great future.

In the last six months, I have also had the opportunity to recommend another product, Requiem Cellulite Crème for the purpose of toning obese areas of the body in eight over weight patients. In all cases, cream application has resulted in reduction of subcutaneous fat layers with excellent toning and “youthenising” of the skin to which the cream was applied. I feel this cream has tremendous future potential.

Six patients over the last six months have had the opportunity to try the Lady Rosa Skin Nourishing Cream. All patients have had a reduction of skin wrinkling with re-toning of the epidermal layers.

Over the last three months I have conducted a trial on ten patients, involving seven men and three women aged 45 to 60 to evaluate Hot Passion. In all patients except one, there was an increased improvement in sexual performance and fulfilment.

The nine patients all experienced a significant increase in the intensity of orgasm and libido leading to an increased frequency of intercourse. This cream was applied by patients to specific acupuncture points aimed to increase libido and reduce impotence. Spouses helped to rub on the cream and this also improved the “sexual setting” Of the seven males, six showed an improvement in intensity of penile rigidity and duration of erection during and after intercourse.

All of these products employ non toxic herbs and essential oils and are less likely to produce allergies and unwanted side effects with prolonged usage compared to chemically based creams which can only be used for limited periods.

Dr Z Pervan Midland W.A.

For optimum results, Hot Passion/ Sexplosion must be applied to the acupuncture points as shown in the diagram during foreplay

Lovemaking should be slow and steady so that each person experiences maximum pleasure. The taste of the product is non offensive so that it may be used during oral sex. There is nothing smutty about this product because it is designed for one purpose in mind, that people enjoy a healthy sex life and reap all of the benefits associated with orgasm and its enhancement.

Hot Passion is the original whilst Sexplosion is a stronger variant in a convenient purse size.

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