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Formally known as Healfas NMF, an honest, reliable and revolutionary cream that helped thousands of individuals, is an all purpose product that satisfies your skin’s desire to stay happy, healthy and glowing in the most extraordinary way.

  • Suitable for all skin types and ages.
  • Advanced unique transdermal system delivers essential organic nutrients to key targets.
  • Supports the life of your skin by providing complete topical nutrition. In other words, a perfect food for your skin allowing it to regenerate properly.
  • Apply daily for maintenance more often if skin is unhappy, stressed or unwell.


First Aid Kit in a Jar

A rich multipurpose skin cream that can be used by everyone, on any part of the body for any cosmetic purpose.

Formally known as Healfas NMF ‘the first aid kit in a jar’, this product is the basis of all the other creams and is filled to the brim with Complete Topical Nutrition and Transdermaid, the unique transdermal delivery system that makes it work.

This advanced beauty cream supports and feeds the healing process allowing the body to go about its business and resolve problems such as burns and sunburn, rashes, bites, cuts and stings, extremely dry wrinkled skin, psoriasis and some forms of eczema and dermatitis.

It is possibly the best hand, nail and foot cream available today, resolving dry cracked skin in half the time whilst encouraging the growth of strong healthy nails and skin, all of which is attributable to the products high concentration of essential amino acids.

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