Avocado Apricot & Honey Mask

//Avocado Apricot & Honey Mask

Avocado Apricot & Honey Mask


Based on Creme D’Universale, which brings forth the best of any added ingredients, in this case avocado, apricot and honey.

  • Home pampering at its best.
  • The use of avocado oils slows the hands of time whereas apricot imparts beauty and youth to both hair and skin.
  • Honey provides exceptional moisture plus a variety of nutrients.
  • A weekly application will do wonders for your skin.


Reduce Fine Lines And Restore Your Inner Glow

This Natural Secrets project boasts the inclusion of the three ingredients that have an ageless history of promoting and preserving beauty.

The world famous medical anthropologist John Heinerman, whilst working at an archaeological site near the Honduran-Guatemalan border, noticed that all of the Chorti women (descendents of the ancient Maya) rubbed their hair and bodies with an oil to keep them soft and resilient. Through an interpreter he learnt that they were using Avocado oil to keep their skin from getting burned by the hot, glaring sun and the rough elements of wind and rain. They even rubbed some on their lips to keep them nice and moist. Mr Heinerman thought that some of these women seemed to be in their late twenties or early thirties but was astonished to learn that they were in their mid to late fifties! The reasoning behind this is that Avocado Oil contains essential fats and oils aplenty that are readily assimilated by the skin to produce an enriched sebum that is extremely protective, anti-ageing and nourishing.

Apricots add Vitamin A as well as Calcium, Vitamin C, Iron, Sulphur, many amino acids and enzymes, whilst the oil give richness, beauty and youth to hair, nails and skin.

Honey adds softness and fresh beauty to the skin. You will find that beekeepers hands are quite soft and wonderfully smooth during the honey collection months as the honey softens and smooths away ugly old wrinkles. The composition of honey causes the skin to hold moisture, dry skin cells plump up and wrinkles tend to smooth away.

These three are combined with Complete Topical Nutrition and Transdermaid, to ensure that you have the best possible facial mask that does wonders for your skin.

Use a two-step process, first wash your face with cold water, dab it dry with a soft towel and then apply a moderately thick layer of the Avocado Apricot & Honey mask. Relax by lying down for about 45 minutes and enjoy the feeling of the mask going about its work of feeding and rejuvenating your facial skin before washing it off. Do this at least twice a week.

HEALTH TIP: Treat your body to a glass of Apricot Nectar at breakfast. It’s a wonderful tonic for the liver, pancreas, intestinal tract, skin and hair.

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