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Hot Passion Orgasm Cream

"The Ultimate Natural Aphrodisiac for Men & Women"

Hot Passion Orgasm Cream. Powerful, natural and effective aphrodisiac for both men and women.
Only $AUD 39.95
Product Size: 125ml
Ships within 5 business days.
This Natural Secret is an Erotic Night Cream that enhances Sexual Orgasm, plus it also Raises Libido and helps with Impotence. This very effective natural product acts as both a powerful female aphrodisiac and male aphrodisiac.

An alluring combination of genuine, parfum oils helping it produce a fragrant and erogenous cream that heightens the senses during the joyful experience of lovemaking.

Each of the oils has been selected for its purposeful contribution to mood and sensuality. Use Hot Passion with confidence on all of your intimate body zones, during foreplay and afterwards.

Erogenous areas are: The soles of the feet, small of the back, base of the neck, inside of the thighs, genitals, nipples and the nipple line. The brochure below explains further.

Doctors Report
The following is a true statement from a doctor discussing the uses and results of products in the Natural Secrets range, in particular, the Hot Passion Orgasm Enhancer.

"As a practitioner in Family Medicine, I have had the experience of recommending some of the herbal creams/essential oils manufactured by Pharmaceutical Chemist, Maurice Czarniak. In the course of many meetings and discussions with Maurice Czarniak over the last eighteen months, I have found him to be a very honest, ethical and innovative chemist. The fact that Mr. Czarnick employs non-toxic herbs and essential oils in all his products, and uses no toxic chemicals, is most promising in this 'Green Age' and signifies that these products are less likely to produce allergies and unwanted side effects with prolonged usage, compared to chemically based cream products which can only be used for limited periods."

"Over the last three months, I have conducted a trial on ten patients, involving seven men and three women, aged 45-60, to evaluate the Orgasm Enhancer Cream produced by Maurice Czarniak. In all patients except one, there was an increased improvement in sexual performance and fulfillment. The nine patients all experienced a significant increase in the intensity of the orgasm and libido leading to an increased frequency of intercourse. The Orgasm Enhancer was applied by patients to specific acupuncture points aimed to increase libido and reduce impotence. Spouses helped to rub on the cream and this also improved the 'sexual setting'. Of the seven impotent males, six showed an improvement in intensity of penile rigidity and duration of erection both during and after intercourse."

Sensumax Brochure
This brochure for Hot Passion (also known as "Sensumax") contains diagrammatic help on how to apply the product. click here to view.

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