Natural Beauty Products

A range of performance based products for face, hands, nails, skin and hair.

Natural Health Products

Natural solutions for cellulite, varicose veins, arthritis, sporting injuries, loss of libido.

Proven Remedies for Over 20 YearsAll Natural Ingredients

Prolonged health and beauty has a new name a company devoted to using the intelligent evidence based approach to understanding what your health and beauty needs are in order for you to stay healthy and beautiful for longer.

After many years of extensive in 1982 created two unique and exclusive world class hallmarks to satisfy these needs “Complete topical nutrition” and “Transdermaid” both of which are embodied into many of the product range that make a visible difference, bringing you confidence and joy all day long.

Innovative Exploration

We at constantly research novel ways of resolving health and beauty issues so that when we cast our net into the sea of knowledge looking for natural solutions to a problem we do so in such a way as to capture the proper truth that will help us formulate a meaningful product. We continually explore what Mother Nature has to offer in our never ending quest to preserve your health and beauty whether it is skin, hair, nails or body.>

Feel The Natural Difference

No matter which product you select you will instantly and instinctively know that there is something very magical about the products makeup.

If it is a cream it is bound to feel rich and full of nutritious goodness do not expect a light cream that does nothing more than superficially lubricate your skin.

If it is a lotion or solution expect a radical twist to what you have experienced before. Our lotions are packed full of essential fatty acids whilst our solutions incorporate unique specialised herbal extracts developed by us to bring out their best for your benefit.

Regardless of your skin type, race or age there is a product for you because Complete Topical Nutrition knows nolimits; it is the basis of all life and supports health and long lasting classical beauty.

Let people comment on the change in your appearance, let people offer you the compliment “you have hardly aged”that is our wish for you and that is what we strive to infuse into each and every one of our products.

Our highly skilled chemists through the careful selection and blending of natural raw ingredients have been able to achieve a range of dramatically different unique world class products which are hand crafted with passion so that they pamper your body to bring out the best in your appearance.